July 14th at the Royal Hotel in Scone – a sellout success!  200 tickets only available and all sold out in a matter of days.  Another 100 sauntered through the door on the night and the whole gig went off with a bang!  Thank-you Chicken fans!  You can view our gallery full of shots from the night HERE!

Get ready to do it all again; Same Bat Time, Same Bat Venue, but this time we’ll be rocking the walls celebrating rOctoberfest! Come in theme, bring a date, dance the night away or just be a bar fly, kick back and cruise; either way you’ll be well fed, well watered and well and truly entertained by the Crippled Chickens!  rOctoberfest! Friday October 20th at the Royal Hotel, Kelly Street (main street), Scone – Save The Date!!

Crippled Chickens (ROUND text Mistral-YELLOW ON BLACK

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